The 2019 irrigation season will soon be underway . The City of Kelowna has determined that the water supply for the year is adequate to allow the standard per acre allotment and notices will be mailed to all owners of metered irrigation services in late March or early April.  The crew will be begin to turn on services commencing April 15, 2019.  Water can only be used for spraying and to check irrigation lines until the first of May. 

The crew needs to switch the system over from the lower demands of winter, to the higher summer demands and be able to provide sufficient water flow to supply for everyone to irrigate, so until that time irrigating properties cannot commence until May 1 ,2019.  Water service will not be turned on to any property with a leaky or defective isolation valve.  Your service will be tagged by the crew and once the repair is completed call the office and we will arrange to have your service turned on.

All metered irrigation services will have a maximum water use allotment of 2.25 acre-feet (733,162 U.S. gallons) per acre of Grade A, B or M water rights. Allotment notices also provide the maximum rate of flow allowed for the property and exceeding that flow is not allowed.

Any water use in excess of the annual allotment for a property is subject to a metered rate penalty. The Board of Trustees also has the discretion to shut off water service to any property exceeding their annual allotment.

Our standard bylaw enforcement procedures will be in place again this year. Staff will be on the lookout for infractions during the course of their daily duties and additional “bailiff duty” shifts will be scheduled to ensure both metered irrigation and domestic sprinkling regulations are enforced.

Wondering how to determine how much water you have used? It is simple – just read the water meter before you start irrigation and then again at the end of irrigation. Subtract the start reading from the end reading to determine how much water was used.

For more information on the metered rate and irrigation regulations, please contact the district office or visit our web site at and go to: