Water Pressure fluctuations- Do you have a pressure reducing valve?

October 23, 2019

Pressure Reducing Valves

As your home gets connected to clean drinking water and is supplied from a new water source, you may notice a change to your water pressure.  While any changes to the system pressure are within normal bylaw ranges, please be advised that as per the City of Kelowna Water Regulation Bylaw 10480, fluctuations to the system pressure may occur at any time and without notice.  As such, the City encourages all properties to ensure that they have a functioning pressure reducing valve (PRV) to safeguard their plumbing.

While most homes within SEKID already have a PRV as required by SEKID Bylaw #671, failure to have a functioning PRV could result in “knocking” or damage to existing piping or appliances throughout the household at the expense of the homeowner.  In addition to protecting your plumbing, PRVs can help with water conservation and increase energy savings, as higher pressures result in wasted water.  It’s been estimated a house with a properly installed and functioning PRV can save as much as 30% on domestic water heating costs.

Note that PRVs have varying life expectancies, and most require replacing or servicing around the ten-year mark.  If you already have an existing PRV, an annual check of your household water pressure is recommended to ensure that your PRV is functioning properly.

A typical PRV is shown in the image below and would usually be installed near the main shut off valve where your water service enters your house.  A PRV can be installed by any professional plumbing company.