About one hundred participants turned out for SEKID’s open house April 10th at the East Kelowna Community Hall to get the latest update on the Water Quality Improvement Program. Residents were welcomed by SEKID trustees and staff to coffee and Timbits and given the opportunity to review display panels, listen to a presentation and ask questions in a town hall style forum.

A majority of those who attended were from the agricultural community and were primarily concerned about the future of agricultural rates and service. Assurances were made that once SEKID dissolves at the end of 2019, the City of Kelowna is committed to assuming responsibility for providing water service to the agricultural community and making the transition as seamless as possible.

A number of other topics were also discussed during the open house including:

  • 2017 Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan (KIWSP)
  • Phase 1 of KIWSP (SEKID and the South Okanagan Mission Irrigation District)
  • Funding from Canada/BC’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund
  • Transition agreement between SEKID and the City of Kelowna

Of particular interest to residents was the recently announced grant funding awarded to the City of Kelowna for the $58.9 million project under the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. A total of $43.9 million in Federal/Provincial grants have been awarded for the project, leaving SEKID ratepayers a projected contribution of $6.8 million.