A reminder to the residents of the district that in preparation of the upcoming Phase 1 of the Kelowna Water Integration Plan, City of Kelowna staff will have an increased presence in and around the district over the coming weeks and months.

Survey crews will soon begin mapping key parts of the existing water system to assist in the planning and development of the new domestic distribution system that will be constructed throughout the rural portions of the district. Most, if not all of the right of ways used for the existing water system will also be used for the new domestic system. Surveyors will be gathering detailed information about the location of the existing system on both public roads and on right of ways through private land to help with this planning process.

Letters are going out to landowners with SEKID right of ways on their property that will be directly affected by the new water system. Anyone wanting more information about the Kelowna Water Integration Plan and to subscribe to email updates is encouraged to follow this link to the City of Kelowna web page: Kelowna Water Integration – Phase 1