2018 Assessment Notices were sent out in the mail the last week of September, 2018. Assessment Notices are a requirement under the Local Government Act and are used to determine the water taxes for each property in the district. Your Assessment Notice provides you with SEKID's record of water rights for your property and provides the basis on which your property is taxed for those water rights.  

If you do not have water rights or a water service on your property, but are in our service area, you will still get an Assessment Notice. Please note this is not a bill.  Assessment Notices are sent out once a year to confirm that our water rights classification, area of water rights, property size and ownership information for your property are correct.

Please review your assessment notice and contact the district office if there are any discrepancies.. Please contact district staff if you have any questions about your Assessment Notice to review your assessment with you and determine if there is an error. 

Water Tax bills will be coming out in November and are due December 31, 2018.