To South East Kelowna Ratepayers - April 11, 2018

Update on the SEKID, City of Kelowna Water Quality Improvement Project 

As stated in our last newsletter our Board expected to have information on the cost and scheduling of our domestic water upgrade and agricultural water supply plans from the City by now.

The City is currently following a confidential procurement process to determine the contractor for the domestic water project. The City has up to May 31, 2018 to award the contract.  Once the contract is awarded the City will communicate cost implications and estimates of project scheduling in subsequent weeks.

The City completed an agricultural water supply consultation and is in the process of compiling input and determining agricultural rates, service and allocations for 2020.  Rates and allocations for 2018 have been set by the SEKID Board and will be in effect for this year.  The 2018 rates or updates, as they come available, can be found on the District website at

We had hoped to schedule a ratepayer meeting for late April, to inform residents on the upcoming project and impact to residents, but without a contractor in place there is nothing to present at this time. Once information is available a meeting will be held to inform ratepayers about the impact of the transition of SEKID to the City of Kelowna.

As far as operations this spring are concerned, SEKID staff continue to operate the District as usual.  The crew started turning on irrigation services April 9, 2018. Water can only be used for spraying and to check irrigation lines until the first of May.  

Toby Pike, the General Manager, has taken a job with the Black Mountain Irrigation District but will continue to provide management services to SEKID as required.

We appreciate that the lack of detailed information is frustrating, but we remain committed to solutions that will provide clean drinking water to ratepayers and expect that decisions impacting our domestic and agricultural water supply will be beneficial in the long term.

To keep up to date with this project visit the City of Kelowna Integrated Water Project Phase One project page at and sign up to received email updates.

Richard R King

Chair of SEKID Board of Trustees