The District  sends out water use reports periodically throughout the season to monitor water use carefully. The first water use reports scheduled to go out in July were delayed due to technical difficulties with the equipment. The reports are now out and you should be receiving them in the mail shortly.

SEKID would like to remind every landowner that it is their responsibility to monitor his or her own water use and stay within the maximum allotment.

If at any time customers want to know what percentage of their water allotment has been used, please contact the office at 250-861-4200 and provide your current read and the staff can advise how much allotment has been used and what % is left..

If you know your allotment ( "A" grade watering rights x 733,162 us gals = allotment) and have your current meter the  Meter rate Penalty Calculator. can be used online to provide you with this information.