Irrigation services for the 2018 season have been turned off and the final water use reports for the  irrigation season have gone out the first week of November to all landowners with metered irrigation services. These reports provide a summary of the annual water allotment for each property and the total water used during the irrigation season. 

We extend our thanks to all landowners who were able to stay within their allotment for the year. If there is a moderate snowfall over the winter months we will have adequate water resources for the 2019 irrigation season.

As referenced above, the final 2018 water use report provides a summary of the annual water allotment for the property and the total water use for the year. A negative number indicates the allotment has been exceeded. Those properties that have exceeded the allotment will be assessed a penalty based on the metered rate as provided for under the District’s Irrigation Water Distribution and Regulation Bylaw (other penalties may also apply). Penalties are included with the property water tax bill that will be mailed out in November. The penalty is payable under the same terms and conditions as your water taxes. It should be noted that no irrigation water will be available to the property in 2019 until the irrigation penalty has been paid.