Boil Water Notice in place for Southeast Kelowna customers and will be in effect until further notice.

A Boil Water Notice has been issued for water customers receiving water from the existing SEKID water supply system. This Boil Water Notice alerts surface water customers in the Southeast Kelowna area of an increased health risk associated with consuming water.

Customers in Hall Road area, who receive well water from the O’Reilly Road well, are also affected as any interruption in well water supply will result in surface water being supplied to the area. Properties in Southeast Kelowna that have been connected to the City of Kelowna Water system as part of the Kelowna Integrated Water - Phase project are exempt from this Boil Water Notice.

The notice was issued due to increased turbidity in source water from Hydraulic Creek. The notice will remain in effect until further notice.

“Interior Health has been contacted and City staff continues to monitor turbidity in the creek.  We will also continue to provide updates for residents as they become available, however, due to spring run-off, high turbidity is expected for some time,” says Kevin Van Vliet, Utility Services Manager. “Boil Water Notices have been an annual occurrence from customers in this area for many years. As the Phase 1 – Kelowna Integrated Water Supply project proceeds, we look forward to these notices becoming increasingly few and far between.”


Any water that has a chance of being ingested should be boiled, whether it’s for beverages, food preparation, coffee machines, brushing teeth, making ice and water for pets.

All water should be boiled for one minute, cooled and stored in clean, covered containers in a refrigerator. Residents are reminded to cool water prior to use to avoid burns or scalds.

Owners of all public facilities within the affected area are required to post Boil Water Notice at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public.

To assist owners of public facilities, the City has made available a Boil Water Notice at, which can be printed on standard letter size paper and should be posted until further notice.

Southeast Kelowna Water

The Southeast Kelowna water system (formerly SEKID) provides irrigation and domestic water for more than 2,220 customers. The raw water source is Hydraulic Creek.

The Kelowna Integrated Water - Phase 1 project will see clean drinking water from the City Utility brought into this area over the next two years. The existing system (currently under the boil water notice) will be dedicated to agricultural irrigation and fire suppression.

Additional Information

For updates on the Boil Water Notice or to e-Subscribe for updates, visit

City of Kelowna Contacts

Water Quality Hotline                   250-469-8475


Types of Alerts

 Water Quality Advisory - Used in situations in which the public health threat posed by the water supply system is modest, and actions can be taken to reduce the risks through means other than requiring a Boil Water Notice or Do Not Use Water Notice.

Boil Water Notice - Used in situations in which the public health threat posed by the water supply system is significant and the nature of the threat is one that can be effectively addressed through boiling of the water.

Do Not Use Notice  - Used in situations where a significant public health threat exists in relation to the water supply system, and the threat cannot be adequately addressed through a Water Quality Advisory or Boil Water Notice

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