Changes coming to SEKID customer bills

July 23, 2019

SEKID Water Bills - Final Bill issued

The third quarter water bill has been generated from  the SEKID office. This bills cover July, August and September and will be due August 30, 2019.  Please continue to remit this final SEKID quarterly bill to SEKID.

Starting this fall 2019, your Utility Bill will change. Your notice will look different, but your rates will remain the same. Changes in the billing frequency to align with the City of Kelowna bi-monthly billing cycle will commence for all accounts that are currently billed monthly or quarterly with the due date 20 business days after the bill date.

Rates will remain the same until the end of 2020 then metered rates will go into effect in 2021. 

Pre-Authorized debit plan:

If you are currently enrolled in the pre-authorized debit plan with SEKID, you must opt in to remain enrolled and the City will transfer your banking info to their billing system. The withdrawal that you had signed with SEKID will not continue beyond August 30, 2019 if the account holder does not opt in. Follow one of the steps below to opt in or sign up.

♦If you are currently enrolled in the pre-authorized  withdrawal payment with SEKID you will have to opt in with the City of Kelowna to remain enrolled.  The information you currently have on file will be used to update to the new billing.  Submit this form to or mail to 1435 Water Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1J4. 

♦If you are not currently enrolled in the pre-authorized debit plan but would like to sign up, please complete and submit the Pre-Authorized Withdrawal System Information Sheet form, along with a void cheque to utilitybilling@kelowna.caor by mail to 1435 Water Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1J4.

Forms are also available at the SEKID city location at 3235 Gulley Road or online at opt in or if you would like to sign up for auto withdrawal fill out this new application form and include a void cheque.


If you are currently registered to receive e-bills from SEKID , this service will be discontinued and you will have to sign up with the City of Kelowna to continue receiving e-bills.  Information related to e-billing will be provided in the September 2019 newsletter.

July 2019 Newsletter

To see updates on the construction and  changes to Utility billing - Newsletter July 2019

2019 SEKID Water Tax Billing

The 2019 water tax bills will be generated from the City of Kelowna and will be included with your water billing. Watch for email alerts and newsletter for updates.