Planned water shut down - Converted water line

October 18, 2019

Emil Anderson Construction is scheduled to tie-in various water-mains in the South East Kelowna area. in order to do this, water will be off on Monday October 21 and 22.  Once these tie-ins are completed residences will be connected to the new City of Kelowna Water Utility

Notice is being provided to all home owners by Emil Anderson. The following is a list of residents that will affected for Monday and Tuesday, October 21 & 22, 2019 

Once your water service is back on, you will be connected to the City of Kelowna Water Utility. please let your water run cold for a minimum of 15 minute from an outside tap to help remove old water from the water lines.

You may experience an increase in water pressure, be advised that as per the City of Kelowna Water Regulation Bylaw no 10480 fluctuations to the system pressure may occur at any time and without notice.