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Welcome to the South East Kelowna Irrigation District web site. For information about the district you can search this site by using the drop down menus on the menu bar above. Feel free to contact district staff by phone if you cannot find the information you are looking for or if you want additional information not posted on this site.

Regular office hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday. In the case of an emergency, on-call staff can be contacted 24 hours a day by calling 250 861-4200.

Holiday Office Hours

The office will be closed over Christmas and New Year from noon December 24, 2015 until 8:30 AM January 4, 2016. Anyone wishing to pay a bill during this time can use any one of the following options:


  • Payable at most Financial Institutions in Canada. Please allow 3 business days for your payment to reach our office.


  • Pay by Phone or Internet through your bank or credit union.


  • Mail cheque or money order to SEKID. Please allow sufficient time for the payment to reach the office by the due date. Postmarks are not accepted as proof of payment.


  • Drop in the night deposit box at the front entrance of the office; please include your remittance stub.


  • Pre-Authorized Debit – for automatic withdrawal from your account. Call the office for setup or download a copy of the authorization form here.


  • Debit, VISA or MasterCard (note a 2.5% administration fee applies to credit card payments)


  • eBilling, to sign up for email billing, download this eBilling form and send to info@sekid.ca

As always, emergencies can be reported by calling the district office at 250 861-4200. Report the problem to the receptionist and a page will be made to the on-call staff member for a response. Please, only use this service in the event of an emergency.


Last Day of the 2015 Irrigation Season:

September 27, 2015


A motion has been passed by the Board of Trustees setting the last day of irrigation as Sunday, September 27, 2015. Irrigation services irrigating after that date are in violation of Bylaw #640, unless they have been granted a late irrigation exemption. Requests for late irrigation can be made by completing a "Special Irrigation Application Form" at the district office. Applications for late irrigation will be considered on case by case basis. Late irrigation will not be granted to land in excess of the annual allotment.


District staff will begin shutting down irrigation services September 28, 2015. We remind landowners it is not necessary to have SEKID shut off the main irrigation service to the property before winterizing their irrigation systems. Landowners can shut off the water to their systems using their own isolation valve. Requests for irrigation shut offs will only be granted under special circumstances: do not book compressors unless you are absolutly sure your isolation valve is fully functional and you are able to winterize your system without SEKID's assistance.


We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all landowners who have stayed within the annual allotment for their land. It has been an exceptionally dry year and we commend you for your responsible use of our community water resources.


2015 Irrigation Season:

Board takes action against excess water use


The Board of Trustees passed a motion at a regular board meeting July 16, 2015 intended to protect our community water supply from excessive water use. Irrigation meters were read by district staff the week of July 6 and a few properties in the district had already exceeded the annual allotment for their property. Many more properties are close to using their allotment - barely halfway through the irrigation season!


As noted in our spring newsletter, water supplies this year are low. Below average snowfall, combined with the lack of spring rains have put a strain on the supply side of our water balance. On the other hand, hot dry weather throughout the spring and summer have increased the demand for water. June demand was 38% above the 20 year average . Our main reservoir, McCulloch Reservoir, is at the level we would not expect until September, a full month ahead of normal.


The Board of Trustees has determined that the following action will be taken against any property that exceeds the irrigation allotment for their property:


  • Water Service will be shut off for a period of five days
  • A $100.00 turn on fee must be paid


  • The metered rate penalty owing at the time of the infraction must be paid


For more information about SEKID's Agricultural Metering Program, or for information about how to read your water meter or calculate the amount of your metered rate penaly, follow this link: Agricultural Metering Program.




  • There is LESS water available per person in the Okanagan than anywhere else in Canada.
  • The Okanagan has one of the highest rates of water use per person in Canada.
  • 24% of ALL water used in the Okanagan is used on our household lawns and gardens.


For more information on how to conserve water and a chance to win great prizes at the same time, visit the Make Water Work web page!




Spring 2015 Newsletter available online


Click here, for the latest copy of the district newsletter. This edition has important news about the Water Quality Improvement Program, the outlook for our 2015 water supply and water use regulations for both domestic and agricultural users.

Moving Forward: A Plan of Action for Improving SEKID Water Quality

Are you in Phase 1? Click here and enter your address.

The South East Kelowna Irrigation District (SEKID) is taking another step in the move toward meeting mandatory provincial water quality standards and ratepayers' demands for higher quality water.

Taking into account the feedback received from ratepayers since the Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) was introduced in 2012, trustees have developed a feasible funding plan that avoids borrowing by constructing the new system in two phases. Read More ».

2015 Toll Information - Updated

The following table provides a summary of the 2015 tolls and includes the new Water Quality Improvement Program levy, which will be added to Phase 1 customers beginning in July.

Domestic Tolls for 2015

(Discount applies to annual charges paid on or before February 27, 2015)


Annual Toll

Hall Rd.

Special Charge



WQIP levy July to December



Phase 1








P1 Hall Road Area








Phase 2









2015 Irrigation Season


District staff now have all of the metered irrigation services turned on and ready to go. The exceptions include services that require repair or do not have an isolation valve in proper working order. It is manadatory for all irrigation connections to have an isolation valve downstream of the irrigation meter and it is the owner's responsibility to make sure that valve is working properly. Staff have been instructed to leave services without a working isolation valve off until repairs have been made.

The Board of Trustees have determined that the 2015 irrigation allotment will be 2.25 acre feet per acre of water rights. Note that we anticipate the runoff from this years snow pack to be low and urge all landowners to think about their water use and conserve as much as possible. Staff will be on the lookout for water waste and will be enforcing the irrigation bylaw provisions designed to minimize water waste.


Water Quality Notifications:

The latest water quality notificationj news release can be read at this link:

News Release WQA 2014

If you are interested in receiving notification by email of water quality changes, please go to the Kelowna Joint Water Committee web site and sign up to receive the latest water quality notifications.




Keep Zebra and Quagga mussels out of B.C.

Zebra and Quagga mussels are exotic mollusks that have wreaked havoc accross the eastern seaboard and mid-west of North America. They thrive in freshwater lakes and have serious economic impacts wherever they spread. They are now reaching the western states and are moving steadily towards B.C.

Follow this link to find out more about these mussels and how to stop their spread:



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