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Welcome to the South East Kelowna Irrigation District web site. For information about the district you can search this site by using the drop down menus on the menu bar above. Feel free to contact district staff by phone if you cannot find the information you are looking for or if you want additional information not posted on this site.

Regular office hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday. In the case of an emergency, on-call staff can be contacted 24 hours a day by calling 250 861-4200.

2015 Toll Information - Prepayment Discounts

The following table provides a summary of the 2015 discounts. If you wish to take advantage of these discounts be sure we receive your payment on or before February 27, 2015. For complete Tax and Toll information click here.

Domestic Toll Discount for 2015

(For annual charges paid on or before February 27, 2015)


Annual Toll

Hall Rd Levy





Non-Hall Road







Hall Road Area








Fall & Winter 2014/2015 Newsletter

Now Online!

The Fall & Winter Newsletter is now available online. Click here for the latest news from the South Eate Kelowna Irrigation District. Paper copies are also be mailed to all landowners of the district, giving everyone an opportunity to keep up to date with district news.

Last Day of the 2014 Irrigation Season is

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Board of Trustees passed a motion August 21, 2014 that the last day of irrigation for all metered irrigation services will be October 8, 2014. Requests for late irrigation will only be granted to properties that have not exceeded the allotment for the 2014 season. In addition, those properties that qualify for late irrigation must sign a late irrigation form at the district office indicating the owner of the property takes responsibility for any damage to irrigation services or private works as a result of freezing.


NEWS RELEASE                                                                          July 23, 2014




The South East Kelowna Irrigation District has downgraded the BOIL WATER NOTICE issued July 16, 2014 to a Water Quality Advisory, effective immediately.

Why has Boil Water Notice been downgraded?

After a brief failure July 17, 2014, the disinfection system is operating effectively and the distribution system has been thoroughly flushed to insure there is chlorine residual throughout the service area. A number of water samples taken throughout the service area have tested negative for microbes. Interior Health has been consulted and has agreed the boil water notice can be rescinded.

Why has this Water Quality Advisory been issued?

Testing shows that current water quality is FAIR due to turbidity readings of between 1 and 5 NTU. Health risk increases as turbidity levels rise, particularly for at-risk populations such as newborns, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Who should be careful?

The following sensitive customers should be careful when ingesting the water:

  • children and infants under the age of 2 years
  • the elderly (65 years of age and older)
  • people with weakened immune systems (if unsure consult with a physician)

Owners of public facilities are requested to post Water Quality Advisories at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public (alternatively, public fountains and taps may be turned off). As opportunities arise, they must also advise their clientele verbally of the Water Quality Advisory.

What should these sensitive customers do?

As a precaution, all water intended for one of the following uses should be boiled for 1 minute.

  • drinking
  • washing fruits and vegetables
  • making beverages or ice
  • brushing teeth


Alternatively, sensitive customers could choose to use bottled or distilled water, or water that has been filtered through a well-maintained treatment device.

The South East Kelowna Irrigation District apologizes for any inconvenience this notification might cause our customers and appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time. If you have any questions, please contact SEKID at 250 861-4200 or check out our website at www.sekid.ca.

SEKID Contact: General Manager, Toby Pike                  250 861-4200 Office

                                                                                            250 258-4010 Cell



Spring Newsletter:

The Spring 2014 Newsletter that was mailed to all landowners of the district in April is available online by following this link: Spring Newsletter 2014.

Water Quality Notifications:

The latest water quality notificationj news release can be read at this link:

News Release WQA 2014

If you are interested in receiving notification by email of water quality changes, please go to the Kelowna Joint Water Committee web site and sign up to receive the latest water quality notifications.



Keep Zebra and Quagga mussels out of B.C.

Zebra and Quagga mussels are exotic mollusks that have wreaked havoc accross the eastern seaboard and mid-west of North America. They thrive in freshwater lakes and have serious economic impacts wherever they spread. They are now reaching the western states and are moving steadily towards B.C.

Follow this link to find out more about these mussels and how to stop their spread:



Water Quality Improvement Project

We have moved our Water Quality Improvement Project information page. To find out more information about our plan to improve the district's water quality move your cursor over the "Quality" menu on the page header and scroll down to "Water Quality Improvement." You will find a summary of the Water Quality Improvement Project and links to newsletters, reports and news releases. You can also get to that page directly by clicking on the water quality graphic below:




WQIP Quick Links:


Electoral Response Form
Tech Memo 1
Tech Memo 3
Hyrdogeological Report
News Release October 25, 2012




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