The standard agricultural allotment for metered irrigation services under normal supply conditions is 2,25 acre-feet of water per acre of water rights. This is equivalent to 27 inches of water or 733,162 US gallons per acre. Allotment Notices are sent out each year in the spring to all landowners with a metered irrigation service. The maximum flow rate for your property is also included on your annual Allotment Notice and on the  Water Use Reports provided from time to time over the summer.

2018 Agriculture Water Regulations in Effect

The landowner is responsible for any penalties incurred for exceeding the irrigation allotment and/or maximum flow rate and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure lessees are aware of the regulations.  For complete information about irrigation water management go to Agricultural Metering Program under Conservation.  

  • Agricultural allotments are 733,162 US gal per acre of “A” grade watering rights.

  • No watering is permitted outside of your property or on roadways and all water must be confined within the property boundary.  Please ensure screens on overhead sprinklers are adjusted properly to avoid overspray on to roadways.

  • Watering of lawns and landscaping around homes on agricultural land is subject to the same domestic sprinkling regulations as residences on non-agricultural lands. For more information, follow this link to Residential Sprinkling.

  • All metered irrigation services must have a functional isolation valve for the owner to shut off water for maintenance and repairs on-site, and for winterizing/blowing out irrigation systems. For more information, see Isolation Valves.

Water use in excess of the allotment is in violation of District Bylaws and will be charged a metered rate and the service is subject to disconnection for the balance of the irrigation season at the board's discretion.  

Last day for irrigation will be set prior to October of this year.  Turn off of services will commence and take approximately 2 weeks. If you need to irrigate after the shut off date a Special Irrigation Form must be submitted to the office for approval.

Please, think about the water you use and use it wisely.