Clean, safe drinking water is one step closer for citizens of South East Kelowna and a plentiful supply of agricultural irrigation water is coming to the South Mission.

SEKID water project update

Emil Anderson has been selected to begin work on the Kelowna Integrated Water Project. The 3-year project will see a new drinking water system built in South East Kelowna as well as reliable water for agricultural users in the South Mission.

Additional funds are required to deliver clean drinking water to South East Kelowna Irrigation District (SEKID) ratepayers. Read the newsletter**, or visit for full details about the project costs and financing strategy. 

Construction starts Spring 2018 - Construction Schedule

Construction of the project starts this July. Emil Anderson Inc. will begin work on the major transmission trunk in the South Mission area.

For the most part water transmission and distribution lines are located under roads - and that means road construction.
The project includes major upgrades to the City's core south-end water infrastructure including the pump stations, reservoirs and installation of large diameter transmission main.
Pending Council approval of the project budget May 14, the second portion of the project will be awarded for a new drinking water system built in Southeast Kelowna. The separation of the water system will serve existing SEKID domestic customers with year-round, clean drinking water and provide a dedicated supply for agriculture irrigation. Click to enlarge the map at right to see the project area and roads impacted.

Open during construction

While road construction can be challenging for small businesses, care of utilities and other infrastructure is necessary to serve the City's residents, and this project will bring clean, safe drinking water to more than six per cent of Kelowna citizens.
In the best interest of your business, it is important to stay in touch with the latest news. Notification letters to property or business owners will be mailed or dropped in advance and news releases and advertisements will be placed. Communicate with your staff, visit the City's website for updates, join local business organizations and attend information sessions.
Get more tips for businesses from the Open During Construction Guide.

**Please note: Page 2 of the mailed version of the newsletter, the Project cost recovery table (2018-2020) is missing the following disclaimer on the total: Does not include the SEKID water tax. ($92/year for properties less than 1 acre).