Selected water quality data is provided in the following reports. This data along with additional information is provided to Interior Health on a monthly basis as part of the district's on going water quality monitoring program. 

Online Graph - SEKID monitors key functions of the water distribution system in real time, online. Should certain water quality indicators fall outside of acceptable parameters the data acquisition system will sound an alarm notifying the water system operator of the problem. This graph shows the monthly turbidity, chlorine and pH of raw (untreated) water entering the chlorination works at the district intake.

Sample Site Water Analysis - In addition to online monitoring, a number of specific water quality tests are taken at various sampling sites throughout the district on a regular basis. The results of these tests are provided here. The Interior Health Authority also conducts water quality testing in addition to that done by SEKID. 

Microbial Testing - In addition to the monthly samples taken above, each site is sampled weekly for total coliform and e-coli by District staff. These microbes indicate the presence of potentially harmful pathogens. The minimum number of microbial tests taken annually by the District totals 480 and additional tests are taken as necessary. 

Giardia Performance Monitoring - Giardia cysts are commonly found in surface waters throughout North America. These very small organisms can cause a gastro-intestinal disease commonly referred to as beaver fever. Giardia can be effectively rendered harmless by exposure to the correct dosage of chlorine for a sufficient period of time. As per health authority regulations, SEKID manages our disinfection system to achieve three log deactivation of giardia.

Comprehensive Analysis - In addition to the monthly reporting of our online monitoring, sample site testing and giardia performance monitoring, SEKID also periodically updates our Comprehensive Analysis of water quality for our two primary sources, surface and well water. The comprehensive analysis measures the content of 13 inorganic compounds and 21 recoverable metals. The Stewart Road West sample is surface water from Hydraulic Creek, while the Johnson Road sample is groundwater from the O'Reilly Road Well.

City of Kelowna Water Quality Information - The recently announced grant funding award to the City of Kelowna for a new domestic water system for SEKID will result in a separate supply of water from Lake Okanagan for domestic use. Follow this link for information about the water quality at the city's Okanagan Lake Intakes.