The five member Board of Trustees are elected by the landowners of the district. Board members are elected for three year terms and the terms are staggered so that each year either one or two board terms expire. Elections are held in the spring and all landowners are notified of the election and annual general meeting dates by mail in the district’s spring newsletter.


The Board of Trustees are:

Richard King Chairman (250) 862-1154 2016 - 2019
Christine Dendy Trustee (250) 860-3537 2016 - 2019
Doug Owram Trustee (250) 860-1638 2015 - 2018
John Christie Trustee (250) 859-2557 2015 - 2018
Jo Szady Trustee (780) 470-3197 2017 - 2020

The board certainly welcomes the opportunity to discuss such important issues as water conservation, water quality and source water protection. Please feel free to contact individual board members on all matters related to district policy.

Any landowner interested in running for election can obtain the necessary nomination papers from the district office. Feel free to contact the district office for eligibility requirements to both run and vote for the Board of Trustees.