The following links are provided as sources of information on a variety of water related topics of interest on water resource management issues:

The Kelowna Joint Water Committee is made up of the five major water purveyors serving the city of Kelowna. This site provides information about the activities of the KJWC as well as information about where your water comes from, links to the other water purveyors and the latest water quality advisories. You can also register for email notifications   about the latest water quality alerts issued by members of the committee.

Members of the Kelowna Joint Water Committee (KJWC):

Click here to go to Water Supply Association BC Web Site 

The Water Supply Association of B.C. represents many water suppliers throughout the southern interior of the province. Formerly the Association of B.C. Irrigation Districts, the WSABC was established in 1923 and is an advocate for the interests of British Columbia’s domestic and irrigation water suppliers. SEKID is a member of the WSABC.

BC One Call

THERE IS DANGER BELOW! Every time you dig in the ground, wherever it may be, you run the risk of loss of life or damage to property if you hit any of the many buried cables, conduits, gas or oil pipelines and/or other underground facilities that serve our cities, towns, and rural areas. Remember, "Call or Click Before You Dig."

The Okanagan Basin Water Board is a statutory authority established under the Municipal Validating and Enabling Act in 1969. The objectives of the OBWB are to define water resource management challenges in the Okanagan Valley and determine priorities and opportunities for solving them. The waterboard has established itself at the forefront of water resource management in the Okanagan and B.C.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board has been a leader in advocating for provincial and federal government resources to halt the potentially devastating introduction of invasive mussels into BC's lake and rivers. This site provides information about invasive mussels and information about how to keep them out of the province.

Okanagan Waterwise is a public outreach and education initiative of the Okanagan Basin Water Board, promoting conservation and protection of our shared water.  The site is a great source for information about water use, protection and conservation in the Okanagan Valley.




Click here to go to British Columbia Water Waste Association Web Site

The B.C. Water and Wastewater Association is an operator training and educational resource association for the water distribution and wastewater treatment industry. The BCWWA is an affiliate of the American Water Works Association. SEKID is a member of the BCWWA.

The Interior Health Authority is the regulatory agency responsible for public drinking water in the southern interior of the province. Drinking Water Officers, Medical Health Officers, Environmental Health Officers and Public Health Engineers make up a team of professionals who oversee the regulation and safety of the public water supply.

The American Water Works Association  is a large American based association serving as a resource for knowledge, information, and advocacy to improve the quality and supply of drinking water. SEKID is a member of the AWWA.

Government of B.C.

The government of B.C. website provides access to all matters pertaining to water regulation. This site is very large and there is no central agency that can provide information about all aspects of water regulation. This can make it difficult to track down water information. If you have trouble finding the information you are looking for call Enquiry BC at 1-800-663-7867.

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The Environment Canada website is an excellent source for weather forecasts, satellite images of weather patterns and long term seasonal weather predictions.

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CivicInfo BC is a web-based resource the main goal of which is to facilitate information sharing and collaboration among people who work, or have an interest in the British Columbia local government sector.


The Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) is an independent society that sets the standards for certification of operators in the water distribution, water treatment and wastewater treatment fields. All water systems in the province are required by law to have EOCP certified operators.