BC One Call is a central agency where you can call to find out what is buried on your site and where not to dig.   Call 1-800-474-6886 before you dig or click before you dig !     

If you are disturbing the ground you run the risk of cutting into an underground service with potential for loss of life, personal injury, damage to property, or disruption of a service. As a homeowner you are probably asking yourself "is my project big enough to make it necessary to call?" The answer is: If you are disturbing the soil for any reason, regardless of the depth, play it safe, make the call. Gas and power, water and sewer and communications lines, all of which service most residential properties, may be buried close to the surface. If you are hiring a contractor for your project ask him if he has made the call.   AVOID any unnecessary disruption of service or costly repairs - call before you dig!

BC One Call