A number of internal reports have been prepared for the Board of Trustees by district staff and consultants and are now available on this page. A brief summary of each report is provided. To download a report simply click on the name of the report of your choice and it will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2017 Consolidated Financial Statements » — May 16, 2018

2017 Consolidated Financial Statements are usually presented at the Annual AGM. There will no AGM or Election held this year as the District will be amalgamated with the City of Kelowna in the next few weeks.

Long Meadow Lake Dam Decommissioning » — Jan 29, 2018

The Long Meadow Lake Reservoir was originally developed in the 1940's and has a live storage capacity of about 150 acre-feet. The outlet dam is a combination  concrete and earth fill dam nearing the end of its useful life and out of compliance with current dam safety regulations. The cost to reconstruct the dams of the Long Meadow Reservoir would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Given the limited storage capacity of the reservoir, the decision has been made to decommission the reservoir and return the area to its natural condition.

This report by Ecoscape Environmental provides an analysis of the environmental impact assessment of the project and the environmental management and restoration plan for the project.

Value Planning Study - 2017 Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan » — Feb 28, 2017

Attached is the final report for the Value Planning Study conducted on the 2012 Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan. This report presents 10 elements for consideration in a new or updated 2017 Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan. These elements were developed based on prescribed guidelines to identify an alternative plan that meets the best-lowest cost technical solution for achieving the public health objectives, simplifies system administration, and maintains agricultural interests without regard to how the system would ultimately be governed.

Financing Scenario_B5_5_Updated 2016 » — Oct 28, 2016

This is the financing plan Scenario B5-5 that was adopted by the Board as the financing plan for the Water Quality Improvement Plan without government grant funding. This Scenario was updated on October 18, 2016 to confirm that the finances are on track to start the project in 2017. Should grant funding become available, this plan will be amended to reflect grant money which will either change rates, accelerate the project or both.

Fish Lake Dam Decommissioning » — Jul 6, 2016

The Fish Lake outlet dam had been bypassed for several decades and the lake was not utilized as a storage reservoir. The dam was inspected by a senior dam safety officer in 2015 and the district was ordered to either rebuild the dam or decommission it completely. With a storage capacity of 124 acre feet of water (153 ML), the considerable cost to rebuild the dam was considered by the board of trustees as prohibitively expensive and the decision was made to decommission the dam. The district will either apply to amend the storage license to Browne Lake  or to amend the point of diversion for the license to the Hydraulic Creek Intake. This report provides the decommissioning and environmental plan for the Fish Lake Outlet Dam.

Spring 2015 Pathogen Sampling Results Drinking Water Supply Wells » — Apr 1, 2016

This study by Associated Environmental Consultants conducted pathogen sampling at three groundwater wells in the Okanagan Valley, including SEKID's O'Reilly Road Well that services the Hall Road area. The project had two objectives for each groundwater supply:

1) Assess risks to groundwater supplies using industry standard techniques, and;

2) Study the occurrence of viruses in the water supply during a season with high precipitation and average pumping rates.

No pathogens were detected in any of the O'Reilly Well samples taken over the course of the study.

McCulloch Reservoir - Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance Plan (OMS) » — Jan 1, 2016

Updated January 2016. As per provincial dam safety regulations, this manual provides for the safe operation, maintenance and survelillance of the dams around McCulloch Reservoir. The OMS also contains the Emergecy Preparednes Plan for the reservoir.

McCulloch Reservoir - Dam Safety Review » — Jan 1, 2015

January, 2015. The objective of the legislation regulating dams in BC is to mitigate the potential loss of life and damage to property and the environment from a dam breach by requiring dam owners to inspect their dams, undertake proper maintenance, report incidents and take remedial action and ensure that the dams meet current engineering standards by undertaking dam safety reviews.This Dam Safety Review of the McCulloch Resrevoir Dams by Golder and Associates ensures the objectives of the BC dam safety regulations are met.

McCulloch Reservoir - Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance Plan (OMS) » — Sep 1, 2013

updated September, 2013. As per provincial dam safety regulations, this manual provides for the safe operation, maintenance and survelillance of the dams around McCulloch Reservoir. The OMS also contains the Emergecy Preparednes Plan for the reservoir.

Water Rate Review 2013 » — Jul 1, 2013

A full-cost rate review study was commissioned by the Board of Trustees in the spring of 2013. The purpose of the rate review was to determine the rate options for meeting the revenue requirements for financing the Water Quality Improvement Program (see the Pre-Design Report below), in addition to insuring the district has the financial capacity to fund the replacement of aging infrastructure and pay for on-going operational costs.