Annual Water Taxes are due December 31 of each year

The South East Kelowna Irrigation District is part of the City of Kelowna effective June 4, 2018. All water taxes are authorized under Bylaw and have been reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, and continue in force until amended or repealed by the City of Kelowna Council.  Water tax rates have been set by the SEKID Board until the end of 2019.

A Water Tax is levied against all residential properties and agricultural lands in the district once a year. All properties one acre or less are charged a flat rate. Properties over one acre are assessed on the number of acres of water rights the property has. For example, if a 10 acre property has 5 acres of water rights, then the charge would be 5 acres x the current yearly rate. All irrigation services are metered and provided an annual water allotment. Exceeding the annual allotment will result in a metered rate penalty being levied in addition to the annual tax.  More information on the agricultural metering program can be found under Conservation/Agricultural Program.

Assessment Notices are mailed to all properties in September to verify the size of the property, grades and area of water rights and ownership. If there is a discrepancy between our records and yours, please call the office.

Water Taxes are billed in mid-November and due December 31. A 10% penalty and interest applies to any unpaid balance at the end of February the following year.

2018 - Annual Water Tax Rates - due December 31, 2018

Grade G (dry land): No charge
Grades: A, B, C, M & R (per acre/parcel): $91.70

2019 - Annual Water Tax Rates  - due December 31, 2019

Grade G (dry land): No charge
Grades: A, B, C, M & R (per acre/parcel): $96.30

For an explanation of the different grades of water rights, please view the district’s Assessment Bylaw under “Bylaws.”

Water Rights -  Contact the district office for information on the procedure for obtaining water rights for your property. You can download a Water Rights Application form from this site by following this link: Water Rights.